Powergaming chemist kills warden and loots armory while hos watches like a moron

Byond Account:ocelottt
Character Name(s):alina greenwood
Discord Name:kaiser
Round ID:13630
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:mario prevatt
What happened: i ahelped this but it was near roundend and im not sure if its handled 

i was latejoined warden this guy was in brig with sec armor he had the door remote and set warden office to emergency access then slipped me and took my baton we had a brawl and in the and he took my disabler too so i shot him with shotgun then he and hos killed me with harmbaton after that he took my warden id raided armor and got himself a shotgun and sec hardsuit

It was handled, thanks for the grief report anyway!