Preventing hulk tiders and overpowered ling hulks

Suggested this a few times in server suggestions on the discord.
Joyce pointed me here I suppose.

The amount of people just getting hulk and going wild as an non antag is… dumb. I know admins can fix it etc etc but it could easily be prevented.

Lock hulk from genetics unless the console is EMAGGED OR, the hulk genetics code is locked on a disk that only a traitor geneticist can purchase. That way, it prevents tiders going crazy


I feel like having a competent RD on can solve this problem. Plus I haven’t seen that much hulk tides on recently so I feel like it would ruin the fun for the non-shitter geneticist.


maybe you should instead of complaining actually inject yourself with hulk and embrace it!

as RD I always try remember to tell the geneticists not to get hulk but theres always someone who gets it and runs around maints smashing doors and resisting demotion

Hulk exists for antags or self antags. There is zero reason for regular crew to get it besides powergaming/shittery. I might pr making the strength mutation only available on a disk in the uplink for geneticists or the RD. 2 TC sound fair considering that you also have to put work in?

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hulk isn’t THAT powerful, and as a traitor item it’d be pretty shitty. obvious, needs to be close for it to work, etc. would be an instant giveaway to sec or targets.

Hulk is amazing for miner and combat oriented roles. Get a trigger guard mod, go hulk, and have fun. In addition, space lubed floor with hulk is hilarious, in my opinion. That said, hulk is the number one self-antag item tided for in Genetics… People will kill you for hulk, without being an antag at all.

you use mining to hunt for creature or for combat smh

Personally I would make it so the RD has to manually approve some mutations such as Hulk either from one of his consoles or sliding his ID on the genetics computer, with traitors being able to emag said console to print the illegal mutations. This way you have hulk in the game and give traitor more things to do to create chaos.


Delete humans, solved

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