Private123's Mentor Application

Byond Account: TheOnlySolitaire
Character Name(s): SAMUR, PAI GOW, DIES IRAE, Reginald D. Coffey, Boyd Crowder, Mime (Clown), Hotline Mimeami
Discord Name: Private123 ( Nickname is TheOnlySolitaire)
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: vary, often between GMT 9am-7pm
Are you interested in becoming a mod?:
I’m very familiar with the admin tools and rules from private servers, but I’ve not considered it before. If it’s an option, sure, if I fit the bill.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
Joined around Ssethtide iirc. Took a long break, just under 700 hours total, 600 living.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’ve sort of ended up maining AI.
I still learn things and I’m not the best AI, but its second nature to me how the AI can interact with any given situation now, from manipulating doors to atmos and power; to help, incapacitate, or kill.
I have quite often advised AI’s and borgs on how to do things while playing other roles.
I’m familiar with the way silicon laws work and have steered borgs in the past on interpreting unclear laws, or confusing situations. Also helped steer AI’s on not powergaming/breaking their laws when a borg, or Malf AI’s on how to win without removing their agency.

My note about silicon laws was due to a (I believe totally new) Captain not understanding how AI laws work, and resulted from me at first trying to subtly hint to him he can’t just define my laws over comms. I ended up explaining to him not so subtly because he wouldn’t understand, which is why the note happened.

I’m not a master, but playing AI I regularly end up dealing with engineering issues, and I mainly played as an engiborg. I have ~50-60 hours in engineering directly as well and know how to use the HFR and various SM setups, and how to prevent them from delamming. I can stare at the pipes and they speak to me. I understand the disposals network and how to manipulate it, the power network, building new rooms, building the objectives, hacking/building/deconstructing. All that stuff.

I started in Cargo, and know lots of tricks as QM/CT to make money or do nothing better.
I know how to mine and I’m familiar with a fair bit of the megafauna but I was never into fighting the megafauna.

I’ve played as CE, Cap and HoP, especially the latter 2 (as acting-cap often on low pop hours). I know their the duties well, and some of the more intricate/lesser known bits. I know how to handle research too.

Main living role is Clown and HoP, I know the broad stuff for Janitors, but never really got into botany, cooking or bartending though, yet.

I have valid experience as a clown and mime, assistant and as a Det. I know the new Space Law reasonably well already and its motivated me to play as lawyer/det/sec officer more often now.

I know a lot of random but useful stuff, lots of not useful stuff, and things useful for antags/command/sec/clowns and the like. I know the fun chems, how to spot a disease, where to find things of interest, that kind of thing.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
A lot changes and a lot stays the same. I don’t play on other servers, Fulp just felt like home, so I have anything to compare to really.
Overall, the Silicon and Command side of things has gotten worse in my experience in the past 6 months though, which is why I feel motivated to put in this application. I understand if its not needed though.


Even though I don’t see them often (no med hours :/ ) they were on of the best AIs I’ve seen in the past months, so +1 on that

made the absolute hellscape which is solitare station :slight_smile: +1

Best AI I have met, knows how to handle a lot of situations.

Silicon player -1, good silicon player +2

Accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!