Problematic Meatman Security officer

Byond Account: Trungad
Character Name(s): Jack Ash
Round ID: 18248
Date:1/2/2022 & 1/3/2022
Griefer IC name: angus the anguished

What happened:
Pre round 18248

Ok so this angus the anguished guy that ive had a prior altercation with in a previous round where i was testing experimental sec gear from tech disks, in front of 4 other sec officers that were helping test… He stuns me and confiscates it then @Helps to get the admin to tell me off for wearing a sec hud.
I listened to the admin and took it off i thought this was the end of problems with him…

Round 18248

I was being Revived after another tider pushed me into an electrified gate, he took my pda/id and all my gear and put it where i cant get it in sci security It was a Really douchy move. I confronted him about it on the shuttle and he tried to turn it on me saying i was meta gaming from when i was dead. But this wasnt the case the Medical doctor told me he did this and his name…

I dont know if he was harboring anything from previous rounds because it seemed like it the way he was acting.

The medical officer also informed me this round that he brought a sickness into medbay caused an issue getting everyone sick and stunned the medical worker that tried to cure him…

I play as Angus the anguished

First round: i see an RD with sechud night vision goggles using a Oztek Boomerang (stun baton but cooler) so i take the baton and leave it in a locker in brig cause i don’t like it when command power games sec gear for no legitimate reason, gave your funny ranged baton back to you when the hos told me to.

Second Round: I saw that you (the RD) was lying dead in medbay, so i took your important gear (ID, Comms, reactive armor, etc) and put it in the Medbay Sec Outpost so it doesn’t get stolen like gear usually does when its just left in the open in medbay. I told the doctor working on you to tell you that your gear is left in the sec outpost for safe keeping, i also told you when you asked me on the shuttle later. I didn’t keep the gear on me, i didn’t use any of it.

also about me infecting everyone, i was sitting in brig medbay (i probably only infected an SSD officer(also the disease wasn’t even dangerous)) and told the the medical doctor to leave me alone when they just started to inject me without telling me what it was and without my permission.


Alright, so regarding the sec gear, I was the one who bwomped you over it. Non-sec command members aren’t supposed to have sec huds unless it’s a rev round, as it’s considered powergaming and it’s not something we singled you out over, this goes for all command as well.

As for the medbay part, keeping you gear safe doesn’t seem like a douchy move, it sounds more like a miscommunication with the doctor. Medbay is a very common place to have command gear stolen, so I don’t think moving it to a secure area would be considered in any way intentionally malicious, in fact quite the opposite.

As for spreading the disease, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to push or stun someone trying to inject you with a needle without saying anything to you from an IC perspective.

Overall, I think this sounds like a big misunderstanding, and I don’t see any rules broken here so I’m going to be closing this.