Prods Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Prods
Character Name(s): Randall Hogmark
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): no
Round ID of Ban: 18479

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Greetings all, I am still learning to play the game but have been doing my best to follow the rules while having some fun. For most of the roles I tried so far, I relied on the /tg/station and ss13 wikis. I understand that these are not Fulpstation, but from my previous (albeit brief honestly) reading of the Fulpstation site, I understood that it is meant as an extension to the other available ss13 resources and specifically references the /tg/station wiki for all base knowledge (see: In the /tg/station wiki guide for geneticist, there is the following note which caught my attention during my learning: “Note: Admins have confirmed that if people inject themselves with a needle they found lying around that says “Godhood” on it without even asking what is in it, you will NOT get punished for turning them into monkeys. Just make sure to answer truthfully if asked, and not to inject it yourself.

As such, I believed this to be the case for Fulpstation as well. In having a bit of late night fun, I created an injector named “Advanced Temperature Adaptation mutator injector” with some debilitating - but not dangerous or deadly - mutations such as two left feet, glowy, clumsiness, wacky, unintelligible, and spatial instability. I then dropped these randomly on the floor through the halls around the bar and medbay. I did not tell anyone to inject these or even comment on them at all. An admin, “Sheets,” approached me about this and told me to stop as he claimed it fit as tricking people and I did not bother to show my /tg/station source to argue, I simply agreed to stop using the Temperature Adaptation name and any similar style of name. He replied, “thanks,” and I thought the issue was settled. The only other thing I did before my ban was to make another injector named “Randall wants a family” which consisted simply of Dwarfism and Swedish - both mutations I had been using myself throughout the round to be a funny little dvarf. I left these around and did not say anything about them and thought it was fine as the announcements had already warned people not to take random injections from the floor and it was a harmless little gag with a non-deceptive name. I was then banned while researching more genetics in the lab without any notice from an admin.

If I was in the wrong for the Temperature Adaptation injector, I fully accepted it and it seemed the admin agreed it was okay so long as I stopped - as I did. But I find it disingenuous that he would then go and seek a ban for it later or because of the innocent Swedish/Dwarfism injector without another word. As I said before, I am still learning the game - I only learned during this same round that you could combine mutations - and apart from this small harmless fun I performed my job as expected and activated good genes/mutations with consent. I personally think this whole situation could’ve been resolved IC - the admin was messaging me at the same time I caught flak from the science deputy who I was cool with before and after my little shenanigan. If SEC wanted to punish my character for leaving the injections around, I could have been arrested and tried - perhaps with a fraud civil action lawsuit where I would have to pay credits to anyone who took it upon themselves to inject with something they found on the floor. This would have been incredibly entertaining in my opinion. Regardless, I ask that the ban be lifted early for such a small, harmless gag where I already learned my lesson and agreed to stop.

If there’s anything beyond the “Core Rule 2” reason as the ban message states, I’m unaware of it and in fact confused by the inclusion of that vague assertion. Clarification would be appreciated.

Prods (6’5")

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This alone would’ve only warranted a warning as it’s a pretty minor issue, however paired with your recent core 3 violations I decided to escalate it to a 3 day ban later into the round. Sorry for the confusion.

Sheets (6’2")

What sexual content did I post? I ask you provide evidence here so it might be examined fairly.

Prods (6’6")

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Could you please provide specifics/evidence as to what you’re referring to here? I can’t appeal the ban if I don’t know why you banned me.

Prods (6’9")

The fact that you aren’t taking this seriously frustrates me. Reading ban appeals takes quite a while and when you sprinkle in extra nonsense, it does not ease that process. For your future appeals, I suggest writing something brief and to the point.

Anyway, you clearly were informed of the rulebreaking, then continued to do it. The mod who submitted the ban was correct: you need to take a few days off to read the rules. You admit it yourself that you confused /tg/station rules with ours so it seems well-earned. Denied.