Protonyashka permanent ban appeal

Byond Account: Protonyashka
Character Name(s): Xestia Hamifera
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): thinliz_76
Round ID of Ban: 26118

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: Hi. It’s me again. It’s have been almost four months since I was permanently banned for making joke on Fulp discord using n-word. That was kind of stupid and very recklessly, including the fact that i was warned already about using any racial slurs. It may be unrealistic or joke-ish for you, but im writing this appeal just to say that i have “kinda” changed for that seemingly short period of time. That ban on Fulpstation almost fully killed my will to play SS13, so it just couldn’t be unimpactful on my life and vision of it. I was planning to write this only 8 months after a ban (so i could max out my chances to be unbanned), but I’m just going to hope on your understanding and mercy. By the way, this choice is yours.

We require a MINIMUM of 6 months before a correctly placed perma ban will be reviewed. “Kinda” changing isn’t enough, and you are no longer welcome here based on your absolutely abhorant conduct in our Discord server. Do not re-appeal as it will not be reviewed.