Psychologist "Pisas" overdoses me on meth thrice and eventually kills me

Byond Account:Build Your Own NT Dream
Character Name(s): Art Jamison
Discord Name: N/A
Round ID: 12569
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Pisas
What happened: So this psychologist asks me "Hey" and when i say yes he suddenly shots me with a full syringe of meth, he does it again infront of medbay and again when i had my clothes burnt off because a virologist welderbombed and relesaed a deadly virus and was attacking me with a wielder (not sure if they were a traitor or just griefing but thats another story) and there was a contractor stealing a doctor (i literally saw the baton and extraction pod) but then this psych injects me with a third dose of meth (by this point i had tons of brain damage traumas and was addicted to meth from the first shot) and kills me with his sacred chainsaw sword (which was stolen from chaplain) and says it was "deserved"

clarification: he NEVER told me that its meth and he never got my consent for it, upon questioning on why he shot me the second and third times he said “because its drug dealing you stupid” this is blatant griefing at this point

i have also filed a grief report for the virologist. his name was roscoe camp. even if he was antag. you cant welder bomb a huge group of people for no reason.

Taken care of- thanks!