Pubby bug reports & Other problems

Please list any problems you have with Pubby, here.

its not merged yet

theres no other intercoms or any room in the AI sat for Triple AI

yes there is

not really

armoury have no shutters

perma sucks

Joey Steele wants the abandoned medbay room’s airlock to say abandoned medbay instead of personal exam room hehe.


where’s the pipes?

is there any sm showers? i don’t see any

Right under the CE’s office

woops. but also it’s just in the lobby, no privacy… how could you john…

None of the mass drivers have fans, making them very difficult to use without pressure pushing around items.

Mime’s baguette doesn’t spawn in Theatre Storage. 0/10 worst map for this reason alone.

The announcement panel (or whatever you call it) in Captain’s Office announces as “Unknown”

bar lock down button doesn’t appear to be able to lift the lock down after you engage it.