Quadra grief (electric boogaloo)

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Twox
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID: 17224 (crashed)
Date: 25/10/2021
Griefer IC name: One wheelchair bound plasmamen doctor, one human doctor, two possible others.
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

Around 50 minute mark a plasmaman doctor and human doctor begin to just massacre and decapitate everyone in medbay. Basically crippling it for the entire rest of the round because there weren’t any doctors left to revive.
Other people reported there being four but I only know for certain two.

Unrelated to this but somehow I had my brain taken out of my head to robotics, then it was flushed into the disposals grinder.

I have some stuff to add to this, the same wheelchair bound person and his friends, who was killed earlier on, somehow got revived, and when i as the ce was working on the build your own shuttle, they came into the shuttle and killed a person and almost killed a few more before i beheaded one (this was the second time they almost killed me) and crit another. i dont think any of them were antags, but as stated, server crashed so its hard to tell

This has been dealt with, thank you!