Questionable arrest by non-sec, non-antag

Byond Account: onadorable

Character Name(s): Illya Nines

Discord Name: kosaki#3886

Round ID: 16187

Griefer Byond account: Bussin5

Griefer Byond name:  Village Idiot

What happened:

I was looking for some food after a succesful revolution and I stumbled upon someone called “Village Idiot”. We exchanged hello’s when he suddenly asked me if “Are you a lyrical spherical miracle individual?”, he then proceeded to stun baton me. He promptly arrested me, then dragged me to the bridge where he stripped me of most of my gear. I told him I was starting to suffocate, he soon dragged me to dorms when he suddenly broke my leg. Right after that he dragged me to medbay & just left me on the floor of the lobby in crit. I only lived because a mediborg saved me. He didn’t make a single attempt to try to put on my mask or air. I have never had a previous interaction with this player, after the EORG report the listed player was not any form of antagonist.

In the other players defense, I was wearing full HOS hardsuit/sechuds. However I had my engineer PDA equipped.

I thought you were the HOS, dragged you to the bridge in cuffs. Stripped you of your shit found out you were an engineer. Brought you to dorms tryna find an oxy can, then brought you to medical after breaking your leg.

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This player was permabanned for unrelated reasons so I will be closing this now.