Quirky Doctor says i have bad appendix, N20's and put a bomb in me

Byond Account: ChilliDogDave
Character Name(s): Dave
Discord Name: Chilli Dog Dave
Round ID: 31392
Date: 3/21/2023
Griefer IC name: Teegla-Pacheeva

What happened: tells me shift start i have a bad appendix (he’s a medical doctor), i know full well due to meta knowledge thats not possible, play along because meta gaming is bad and unfun, proceeds to do surgery on me, Anaesthetic, etc, figured hes putting a bomb in me so i must be his target. still play along because im not a buzzkill, detonates me in med taking 2 other people as collateral damage, start raising a brow.
a little while later find out med has been plasma flooded, start putting 2 and 2 together that its likely a griefer, end round shows he has no antagonistic roles, this is also apparently a repeated offense according to other discord members

Handled, thanks for the report.

There were admins online during that round, please ahelp things like these in the future.