Raiden's Mentor Application

Byond Account: RaidenKoizuma
Character Name(s): Grom Nutticus
Discord Name: Raiden#3484
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
Active hours: Afternoon & Nights most weekdays and weekends
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Maybe!

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’m well versed in how to start SM and do basic setups as well as constructing/upgrading machinery. I understand how to construct and go about all the station goals including shields, BSA, and DNA Vault. I know how to do solars, setup PACMANS, fix APCs and set wiring cables, as well as how to hotwire SM or APCs/rooms directly. Through practice, I can repair an entirely blown up SM and engineering which I’ve come close to doing once or twice before shuttle arrived. I’ve played CE enough to know how to get engies/atmos crewmembers going and how to use CE’s respective equipment, mainly the blueprints.

I understand the pipenet, the ways in which air flows, and superconduction. I know how to do incinerator set ups, get BZ and tritium efficiently, repair the station’s atmospherics and how best to use air alarms depending on the situation such as using siphon vs draught. I know how to cool wastes, do space loops, how to fix the SM when its about to delam. I’ve taught multiple people the theories behind pipenet and how to understand the mess of pipes inside atmospherics, how the general pipe loop works, and how to fix both single and multiple room air alarms going off.

As this was my first job, I know all there is to know about medical aside from the niche conditions and situations. I know how to efficiently heal all damages, wounds, and how to combat viruses and their symptoms. I know how to do each experiment (and that they should get done ASAP), how to revive a husked, 300 damage, 100 damage to each organ crew memember as fast as possible. Aside from doctoring, I also know chemistry quite well. I know how to make all of the useful medicines, not so useful ones, dangerous ones that can blow up medbay such as meth (only blown up twice!), and that these need to be delivered and used for MDs ASAP including basic medicines and ones that heal niche damages such as innacusiate, neurowhine, occuline, etc. I understand how to do chemistry factorys and the theory behind them, but have not used them in any mass scaled practical applications.

Many assistant hours of mine have been spent doing cargo/mining. I understand how to do cargo, deliver mail, order mindshields ASAP when need be, how to delegate cargo techs when needed, and how to keep up with money and getting bounties done. I have a lot more experience in mining and knowing to rush to get advanced mining gear, what weapons do and how to best use them, and how to look out for dangers in lavaland and seek out fellow dead miners.

I know cook well how to and produce as much food as possible. I know how to mix drinks as bartender and keep somewhat decent RP with those that come along. I know how to clean the station as janitor with or without slipping people, how to die in space while searching for ruins as curator, how to heal and provide the station with holy water as chaplain, and how to psychologize the SM.

I’ve had a meh past with silicon and notes in the past, but I’ve learned a ton about them since. At this point, I’m able to follow cyborg laws and interpret them, whether it be Asiimov or drone laws. I know how to be corgial and specific with playing cyborg, whether to intervene or not depending on the situation and laws. I do not have experience with AI yet, but I plan on doing so soon.

I know how to not be shitsec through and through. I understand space law to a tee and know when to follow it and when to not. I understand how to be a security officer and keep situations under control and how to use the forensic scanner and keep security informed as detective while not having arrest powers. Where I am most knowledgable is in Warden. I know how to keep track of prisoners and perma, how to handle arrested individuals getting out of hand, when to use lethal force and when to not, and most importantly to be ontop of comms at all times. I enjoy Warden and HoS for these reasons: ensuring that security is running smooth, making sure people aren’t abusing crewmates for no reason, and giving mercy when needed. I also know when to not focus on arresting a clown when the station is under real threats. I want to become a good model for security players and keep shitsec down as much as I can.

I have played CE, CMO, HOP, and HOS. As general command, I know to keep myself relatively safe, delegate as much as I can, know to communicate often about my dept.'s status and how the station is doing, and respond to general command’s responsibilites (announcements, red alert, BSA unlock, shuttle auth., etc). As CE, I know to ensure that SM and atmos is working at full function, keep engineering and storage secure, how to ensure tcomms is working and fix if needed, snoop PDA messages, and respond to fixing other command’s offices and bridge. As CMO, I know how to keep medical supply up as much as possible, obtain extra plasmaman gear and make sure they’re healed properly, ensure viro’s viruses are good, and how to singlehandedly create a cure, get a blood sample, create a vaccine, and distrobute it. As HOP, I know to distribute access to those that have legitimate needs and not just let anyone get maints, ensure that service and supply are working properly, and know to give out eva in times of mass breaches. As HOS, I know to focus on comms and give sec as much information as possible, ensure that any sec crew that mindlessly abuse their powers are removed or retaught, ensure armory and Warden are fine, and to lead from the front and constantly get security out and about. I know to yell and scream if necessary for sec to respond to emergencies. I haven’t played captain directly yet, but I’ve been acting captain quite a few times and know the chain of command for acting captains.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
I have made quite a few friends here and see them in and out of game almost every day. There is a healthy mix of players from different ideologies of play, from lrp to hrp, focusing on working to greytiding which keeps shifts interesting and surprising. The only actual issues that I’ve ever truly noticed are with chemists, where it seems many don’t realize that supplying the doctors should be their #1 priority for atleast the start of the shift, and with security. It is the one place that has issues with players roleplaying it as the typical “hardass, no bullshit taking, scary officer” who can be unfun.
(wow this is long I’m so sorry lmao)


+1 Has a merged PR which already puts him above 90% of mentors
+1 Atmos main
+1 Very active on discord
-1 WTF is with those assistant hours
-1 No longer a medbay main
-1 plays a ton of sec
+1 is a pretty cool guy I guess

About damn time

^ dosen’t know what they are talking about

became my back buddy once and died horribly, cool person +1

Good interractions, cool guy +1

Very helpful whenever I’ve had to PM them. Only ever seen them once IC when they were also compliant with a bagsearch. Seems cool.

I have since learned this person used to main medbay, I am retracting my claim that they seem cool.

I’ve been hoping you would put in a mentor app! +1

About time+1
making me go crazy -1

Wrong guy pope lol

tbf like 7 people said they wanted to join including me haha

Da assistant main mentor…

I’ve seen them play medical, engineering, and command and they are very knowledgeable :)

+100 but -99 for playing plasmeme

1 Like

-2 called me a bitch one time

umm +1 plays sec :slight_smile:

Grom as Captain stopped to teach me warden tips. He’s already mentoring! +1

fun to talk to +1
understands the Pipenet? (how) +1
told me hes not forklift certified -1

we need an assistant main +1 :+1:

This is accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!