Rain Glover -Greif

Byond Account: Supernoodles13
Character Name(s):Ashley Chambers
Discord Name:Supernoodles13
Round ID:22405
Griefer IC name:Rain Glover
Griefer Byond account (if known): not sure.

What happened: I was walking up to sec (xenos were on board so I was just checking if all was good) when Rain glover randomly shoots me with an ion rifle and said spinning is illegal. I was wearing the 3k point mining suit and he completely broke it + drained the battery. he shot it again when i asked why he did it. When I asked for him to be arrested he just called me brain dead and walked off. I contacted admins regarding this and they said “it was an accident” which it clearly was not. I would like this to be looked into as the ticket was abandoned by zzzmike

spinning is illegal


Just for clarity. “The ticket was abandoned” actually means “The round ended” and “they said it was an accident” meant my exact line of “hey sorry was still dealing with (person), it seems it was an accident” - I said seems like an accident because there is no way to know for sure, we are not mind readers I can’t say for sure if the guy was messing with you or not. I know I’ve hit a ton of people by accident when I was new, to the point where I took pacifist to help me stop doing it. You mentioned you couldn’t take off your suit so I offered to take it off but you refused. Anyways, whoever does this, enjoy.

I sent you screenshots of what took place and you only need to look at the logs to see it was not an accident at all. And the question has to be asked, why did he have the ion rifle to begin with?

It’s possible they decided to RP it out by saying “spinning is illegal” rather than “sorry misclick” which doesn’t really make sense to say IC. Didn’t get to view your screenshots before round ended but we have to go by the logs anyways. Look this doesn’t even make sense for me to argue it here with you, this has clearly been dealt with, I’m not gonna make another mod deal with this. I mentioned in discord what to do if you feel there was misconduct.

Please avoid sending DMs to staff members about grief patrols or ban appeals. If you need to post pictures, you should be able to do so here. If not, you can attach a link from imgur or another image hosting site.