Random Bus Ideas Thread

Have one person be a “monster”. Give them increased speed and god mode and super vision, randomly make horrifying noises near them. Then remove all lights from the station. The only light you have is from your PDA. Then Watch as people shit themselves.


give me a gun

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bus idea: every traitor, every need to kill the others, until the shuttle arrives. if you day you get banned for 1 hour

Everyone gets a banhammer, if you hit someone with it they get banned for an hour.


Would it be possible to do a traitor round where everyones target is another traitor? (Everyone is a traitor btw) and when a bunch of people are dead, refresh objectives to kill another living traitor.

That’s what IAA is (or rather what it’s supposed to be).

We’ve had a traitor infestation bus before (ultimately, there was no way some of them weren’t after each other) and it turnet out pretty well.

one man with an infinite ammo flamethrower and everyone else is a spider.

Station slowly fills with toxic / poisonous gas. Or the atmos always have a little bit of plasma. Not enough to cause a spreading fire, but just enough to set the tile on fire if there was a spark

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This is just a normal round.

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Wizard, but it’s actually Demoman.

Bus idea: a nuke ops team and 2 wizards are sent to the station. They are hostile to each other but still have objectives, and must complete the objectives and kill the other team.

bus idea: give everyone heart attacks and kill everyone that would be fun


Monkey virus spread by monkeys biting people

Catch the leprechaun:
Like wizard but a leprechaun.
He leaves green footprints behind him and the crew has to catch him before he gets his pot O’ gold

So Nuke Ops/Lone Ops except the Pot O’ Gold is the nuke disk? Got it.

zombies, spawn a few in maints then announce it
have an ert come when 90% of people are dead

Bus idea: Ghetto/Knockoff Death Note (idk I havent seen the anime/manga)

Random crewmate gets a book, they can write any name in that book and said crewmate will die within the minute via admin intervention. Once said person is dead they reveal a random letter belonging to the name of the person with the book.

How many kills can they get away with before they get caught?

Will the book work from other Z levels?