Random Bus Ideas Thread

Post your ideas for a bus here, it can be clever or it can be stupid (anything goes so long as it doesnt break forum rules). I always have random bus ideas pop into my head so this is a chance for me (and others) to perhaps write them down.

I’ll start:

Bus idea: Make everyone stationwide start (and arrive) with the “Paraplegic” quirk. Free wheelchairs for all!

Send one cool person in as a syndicate admiral after making a syndicate announcement that the admirals coming, watch NT people kill the admiral and send in ops to save them

Assemble a team of “superheroes” with different mutations, spells, or other powers, then have them battle a team or supervillains on the station. Heroes get centcom headsets, villains get syndi headsets


ooooh i agree with this one

Admins give me wizard

Admins give me wizard

Your wish is granted but it will be trapped in maints with cow and tree and no escape spells.

Bus idea: Force everyone to have the same name.

make everyone a cripple

That was my first bus idea in this thread >:(

lol my idea now


El Macho/Muscle Wizard: wizards spawns with some athletic outfit pieces (dorms stuff/championship belt) knows every martial art in existence (including wrestling and bath salts), has buffed hp and one of his hands is a hidden powerfist. His regular spell kit is either very curbed and picked by the busmin/non-existant & there can also be a supply drop/stuff like ERT to counter it.

You can’t use multiple martial arts at the same time. Give them wrestling instead.


Bus idea: Unending rad storm, I call it “Chernobyl mode”.

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Bus concept, everyone starts with hars

bus idea: we all are traitors with 0TC, the syndicate sends boxes/crates with TC in random areas but they alert the station everytime about this. also is scape from brazil

Bus concept: Everyone has two left feet.

Bus idea: Force everyone to be cyborgs except for the science department.


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Anomalous crystal which spawns immortal frogs.

Morphs re-enacting The Thing