Random crewmember recites WGW on the radio

Byond Account: FernandoJ8
Character Name(s): Tin LXVI (this is the one used in the round), Junal-Gelesh, Jean-Luc Carter, Alnair DL
Discord Name: FernandoJ8#0196
Round ID: 20398
Date: 25/05/22
Griefer IC name: N/A
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened:
A crewmember the name of whom I unfortunately cannot remember started reciting WGW on the radio with a clown megaphone. The chat log was lost to dead chat clutter, but it’s hopefully not too hard to look up an excerpt of the copypasta on the logs to find the person. I also made an ahelp about it and included the name of the person in it, there were no admins online but I believe that’s also logged so you can get the name from there.


Handled, thanks for the report.