Randomly murdered by bloodbrother, nothing to do with his objective

Byond Account: JustABloke
Character Name(s): Nancy Ishi
Discord Name: mGuv
Round ID: 14141
Griefer Byond account: spider_nelox299
Griefer Byond name: Ryder Thomlinson
What happened:

I was waiting by escape pod as the station was screwed. They came up to me saying “want to hear a joke” and then murdered me with an axe. All whilst saying “sus amogus” “ez” “xdxdxd” like a typical memester.

I had never seen this guy, was not their objective, not in the way of their objective AND they could have escaped with me on the shuttle so it’s not like they even needed to kill me for that.

And then on Round 14142, he’s just purposely being annoying. Grabbing people against their will, opening all the cannisters valves, stealing stuff from departments.

Taken care of, Thanks for the report!