Rave Cat#8764 Ban appeal

  1. Byond Account: Rave Cat

  2. Character Name(s): Hivemother (AI) Halo XH, Berenices T

  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Rave Cat#8764

  4. Round ID of Ban: 21197

  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): The ban reason is: Round 21197 - Rules broken Silicon policy - as a non antag ai on expenses laws, used their “ensure the station is maintained” law as an excuse to cull zombies, who were still a part of the crew (breaking law 2). This has been escalated from a silicon to a server ban due to arguing in ahelps. This ban (BanID #31306) was applied by Sheets on 2022-07-14 03:48:14 during round ID 21197. The ban is for 3 days and expires on 2022-07-17 03:48:14 (server time).

  6. State your appeal: Hey, I’m asking to have this ban reversed. I was trying to be cooperative in replies while defending myself and trying to understand exactly how things were wrong with what i was doing. I don’t feel I was being unreasonably argumentative but I request that you read the logs anyway. I was under the maintain station laws (dont know exact name, first law is “you are built for and part of the station. ensure the station is properly maintained and runs efficiently” The dispute is about if I am allowed to attempt to kill zombies. I argued that since law one comes first in order and as a result takes priority over other laws I should be allowed to. Additionally I argued that since zombies actively take away working crew’s ability to work efficiently I should be allowed to kill zombies. Their argument is that zombies remain a part of the crew and law 2 prevents killing them, As I understand it laws are in order of priority for this exact reason. Even if this is no longer true I made it clear that I wont harm zombies if they requested that I shouldn’t. For the remainder of the round after being bwoinked (shuttle was docked soon after) I did not harm any zombies.
    The ban was upgraded from a silicon ban to a full three day ban because I argued in ahelps but when it comes to ai law disputes it’s important to establish why its against the rules because it directly affects how we play the game, and I don’t want to fuck it up in the future. If the rules have changed and order no longer matters I wanted to know that.

I genuinely dont feel like I was unduly argumentative, and I wish I was given the benefit of the doubt instead of instantly getting banned. I think that reading the logs will hopefully make this clear.

I haven’t used the forums so sorry if I messed this up somehow, I’m willing to answer any questions.

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There’s nothing that is argumentative in your ticket; it genuinely seems like you are asking for clarification. You can also argue that your law two specifies working crew, and zombies intrinsically aren’t working anymore and threaten the actual working crew. Your appeal is accepted. You should be able to connect to the server; if not, please let me (or another admin) know.

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