Ray's Contributor App

Byond Account: OneTortoise
Character Name(s): Ray / Rays-The-Almond
Discord Name: Tortoise
Age: 20
How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!

Gives Account Registration Device unique sprite and fixes its issues

You can no longer survive nuke by being inside lockers, however, you are guaranteed to survive it while inside a fridge.

Overhaul Atmo

Overhauls Atmosphere 2 (Piping, HFR, Turbine) and Minor Issue Fixes

Fixes medical scrub being named “under”

Hand labeler paper roll and toner cartridge can be printed at autolathe and protolathes now

Fixes loading C-4/X-4 into grenade launcher and duplicating

More items hurt you now if you walk on them barefoot

Fixes tablet not updating appearance after it is repaired #65298

You can take out PDA/ID from trimmer with right click

Minor Map Fixes:

Fixes pubby’s yellow stripes decal corner being weird and stuff

Fixes Icebox and Meta’s medbay door controls button not working

Fixes Heliostation using distro for thermomachine’s exhaust

Fixes Metastation hydroponics shutter access

Fixes Icebox and Meta’s medbay door controls button not working

Yeah, I love being bad at both coding and spriting.



This guy spaced me twice with teleport armor +1

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unrelated but this guy helped me a lot on that cult round so i don’t see why not +1

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idk if we can trust a tri-lingual to code fulp ponies, this mf gonna name rainbow dash carrera arcoiris


A good player and a nice member of the community +1

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You’d make a good contrib but I hate you so -100

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THIS dude used to be an intellectual atmos main now he devolved into some mindless sec main -1


what if i give u a jail free card


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give him contrib so i have more material to shittalk him with (I F*KCING HATE CONTRIBUTRTSORS)


Win +1

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QOL and bug fixing +1

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-2 got robusted by ponies, get good kid.


no proof (u cannot leak staff-bar stuff, rekt’d)