Razorback555#1624 Ban Apeal

Byond Account: - Razorback555
Character Name(s): - Tables-The-Tider
Discord Name - Razorback555#1624
Round ID of Ban: - 21197

Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connection (Razorback555) is banned from playing here.

The ban reason is: Round 21197 - Rules broken: core 2, powergaming - as the HOS, kept an energy sword they looted from a pirate in the brig, then when asked about it said you were going to return it to the armoury, and lied to me saying you took it of a corpse in medbay. If you had any real intention to return it you would have, This has been escalated to a server ban due to lying and consistent poor command play.

State your appeal: So to begin with I’m going to try to explain what was happening from by view, Just after finishing off 2 pirates one of witch was in the brig the other of witch was killed after I chased him out of the brig into the hallway a little (this is the one that was holding the esword) I had taken a hit or two in the fight if I remember correctly and went back to the brig medical in order to heal myself up, while I was there I also decided to take the sec mod suit off the corpse in brig as we only had 3 once I had done this the AI over the radio told me that the Emaged Borg had just taken the corpse of the other pirate (the one that died in the hallway) so I began making my way to medbay and then went to med (this is the corpse the Emaged borg had stolen and the one possessing an Esword) so I take off the second pirates suit and take the Esword to be put in the locker this is where the emaged borg walks right in front of me and I take the chance to flash it and bring it to Robo in order to be reset this is also where I am bwoinked for holding an Esword, after trying to explain I had become distracted upon seeing the borg I was repeatedly told that the corpse in the brig had the Esword when it was the one in medical with the Esword this is where I believe the lying part came from and the reason it is a ban rather than a note.

If it helps at all I had also confiscated an entire crate of syndicate contraband earlier in the round including Markovs and a teleporter none of witch I touched even telling the hop who tried to snag a teleporter to not do so.

Not requesting the ban to be entirely removed but instead reduced to a note due to the fact that i did not lie but I think the logs must have been cloudy for what had occurred

With respect - Razorback

I really don’t get what this ban is for considering you didn’t even use the sword.

This is appealed. You should be able to connect to the server. Please let me (or another admin) know if that is not the case.