RD sends xeno creatures to kill me for no reason

Byond Account: Madsenanders

Character Name(s): Lillian Werner

Discord Name: kk (not in your discord

Round ID:10498 ( round after was 10500?)

Griefer Byond account: Randal the Vandal

Griefer Byond name: Eclipsea Laevusta

Pretty much the title says it all. Xeno creatures killed me despite me not provoking them at all. I ask why in dead chat and they say RD told them to. After round I ask why RD sent xeno creatures to kill me and he says it was because I killed his blop spore. I never even interacted with any blop spore the entire round though.

Hey, I was modding at the time and talked with the RD about this. They now have a brand new shiny note and if they do something like this again they’ll be taking a break. Thanks for bringing it up regardless!