Reasonless murder of mime

  • Byond Account: MentalDecayed

  • Character Name(s): Medical Mime

  • Discord Name: MentalDecayed#6355

  • Round ID: 9039

  • Griefer Byond account:

  • Griefer Byond name:Byond Account: Jeffrey Epstein and Cleveland Rhinehart

  • What happened: Upon entering the evac shuttle, people kept trying to rob the incapped detective i was treating who had no blood. i had to periodically feed him atropine to keep him alive. jeffery epstein had an illegal improv shotgun and after he tried dragging him away i took the detective back and put him on bed. jeffrey shot me twice putting me into near crit and then after sec tried detaining jeffry cleavland killed me with an axe then threw me out the airlock into space. neither of them were antags.

Taken care of.