Redth's Dead-Chat/OOC: Ban Appeal

Byond Account: JONUCNEDA
Character Names: Redth X. Crowns, Redthus-X, Redthen-X-10. (MC right now: Redthean V. Kroyths)
Discord Name: Redth#9551
Round ID of Ban: Round 19057
Banned from Roles: Deadchat, OOC permanently - Core 9.1 - Toxicity toward other players OOC: JONUCNEDA: Who thinks Weiss Suni sucks as a doctor say Aye. Already had an ooc/dchat perma appealsed for similar behavior.
Round 19057

State your appeal: It’s been a while since the ban; I matured, grow a better temper since last time, and have Installed a rule: if round is over and frustration has not left: quit game until cooled off; and I also read the rule that says, doesn’t matter who started it, so that was fun; I have no grudge against that player anymore, even if they prevented me from reviving that green lizard because of end round grief; their character just had ever trait I hated about people but later down the line I have learned that there are in fact, characters that are titled heels, that specially designed to be hated, wish I knew that before I blow my casket; so yeah, if you may kindly remove the permanent Dead-Chat/OOC Ban, that’d be lovely of you.

With love: Redth.

Normally i wouldnt appeal it cause its happened so much in the past but youve been so good lately i want you to be able to show youve changed and can handle it. SO IF THIS HAPPENS AGAIN I’LL BE VERY DISSAPOINTED.