RelatedL Ban appeal

Byond: Related_L
Character: William Osmoan
RID: 23291

I got into a fight with the other chaplain because he stole my backpack, shoes and other items i left in the office because at the time i was the only chaplain on the station. When i confronted him, he refused to give them back and I hrew one of those leg cuffs at him and after i started chopping him with the hanzo steel until he would give it back. I had no intention in ACTUALLY killing him, just crit, get my stuff back and get him to medbay as I have been killed many times myself. However, i think what actually got me banned was calling the person who banned me a 13-year-old, which was my fault. I was slightly heated because i got insta killed by him, assuming he didn’t have the context and just saw me slicing up the other chaplain. I definitely shouldn’t have jumped at him, for what i apologise. I hope this ban can be resolved in fewer than 7 days, thank you for your time.

The ban is correct, but the duration is out of our progression system. I’m reducing this to 3 days starting from when the ban was placed.