Removal of the WT-550

I am curious about why the WT-550 was removed. I was gone for a pretty long while so I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to it’s removal. Was there a programming issue, a visual one, did people somehow dislike it. I’ll be honest I am a bit biased towards it cause I was a big fan, but ultimately I would just like to know why it was removed. Thanks for any answers in advance!

this is why

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Thank you for bringing me this grave news. I must retreat to sulk over my loss in privacy.

I honestly dont see the reason for outright removal. What purpose does it even serve theres no reason they needed to be removed for a worse item

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WT-550 was the best sec weapon so that is a silly point, any new one would be worse. It was the best weapon in the game for 99% of the threats a security officer would face.

Any game needs some balance around ammunition, WT-550 had none as you could easily carry 300+bullets of it on yourself while the standard laser guns have 10-20.

They could rebalance the ammunition values but used the chance to make new weapons that are simply more interesting than pew pew lead machine gun spam.

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tbh despite the change the new guns are still really good they just need to be reloaded at a recharger

That wasnt the point i was trying to make? I was trying to say they shouldnt have just been outright removed. I would have liked a rework with ammunition or how the gun worked other then plain removal