Replace Nukie Gamemode with Clockcult Gamemode

Simple as. Nukies aren’t really fun. Clockcult is one of those conversion gamemodes so both sec and non-sec has fun.

I’m writing this from the perspective of a captain main, so if I’m bored as cap during nukierounds, I can only imagine how dumb it must be for assistants

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Nukie round cycle, best case scenario:

  1. spend 20 minutes prepping and doing this very grindy cycle of arming the station and barricading it
  2. hear “NUKIE CARGO”
  3. Walk around or barricade yourself for 10 minutes until you hear faint bomb and gun noises
  4. Get clipped in the shoulder by a stray bullet
  5. Run around for another 3 minutes as your officers engage in the wonderful combat that is “get bulldozed by lead 1 second after seeing a nukie”
  6. Get clipped by a stray bullet, or get chopped up by a nukie with a desword and shield (or nukie borg)

Worst case scenario:

  1. 4/5 Flukies die out 5 seconds after entering the station while the last one aimlessly floats around the station hull and sometimes gets into brief firefights with engineering borgs

Did you ever play clock cult? Because it wasn’t any fun either.


fulp is open source bro you should make a PR


100% this man has never played clock cult (nor does anyone want to maintain another fulp specific antag)

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I played it a bunch on yogs

If it can’t be replaced by clockies, it doesn’t need to be replaced by clockies. I’d rather have greater odds of blood cult/revs/traitors + lings

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We don’t have to ‘replace’ any antagonist, it’s not like we have a cap on antagonists, and even if there were, there’s new slots open now with the removal of monkey/swarmers.

That being said, clock cult wasn’t a very good antagonist, and TG has said they would be willing to re-add it if someone makes it from the ground up, it’s just that no one HAS.
And don’t try to port it from Yog or Bee, because those suffers the same problems as old clockies. Nor should you try to PR it to Fulp, as I doubt it would be able to be made modular in the slightest.


if it’s war nukies and I’m sec half the time I just go into a locker and close the game. The armory’s gonna be opened and every assistant is gonna have a laser or shotgun, so it’s not like a disabler and a redshirt add anything meaningful to the defense. And it’s not fun so why should I bother? Nukies is fun when you’re nukies, it’s boring af for everyone else until they’re getting shot at, then it just kinda sux.

There’s 4-6 bad guys and 60+ crew, my experience in every single nuke round as sec is doing nothing interesting for 20 minutes, and then doing nothing interesting for another 20 minutes but while holding a laser gun. On the off chance I find a nukie there’s a 50/50 chance I get to do something cool for 20 seconds and get to brag about it later, or I get fucking owned and my head cut off. Then it’s back to doing nothing interesting for another 20 minutes.

Even playing as nukies fuckin sux half the time. The first 20 minutes is all prep work and supremely dull, and then after that all your fun is just from killing assloads of people. Which is fun for everyone except those on the receiving end (ie most of the server), and if you get owned cuz you got nerded out by a slippy clown you just got blueballed hard as fuck and the feeling is actually worse than being on the receiving end of nukies. It’s like League or DotA, it’s only fun if you’re winning, and comes with the caveat of extreme aggravation if you fuck up.

revs also has the same problem only sort of reversed, if revs win the heads are dead and the entire sec team is probably smoked too and forced to sit out the rest of the round while it continues as normal for another 45 minutes or an hour. Makes no sense at all to me for a teambased antag to win and then the round keep going so all the people they killed can twiddle their thumbs

I dont know why people said clockcult was bad, it was fun every time I played it

if i recall correctly people said it was bad because it was either a clean sweep for Clockcult or Clean sweep for the station and there was never an inbetween

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there were plenty of proper back and forths between crew and clockcult, and the last stand usually wasn’t a one sided stomp fest either way unless one side had uncontested station control for the last half hour

Clock cult is still run on some servers, I’m not robust enough to get behind it 100% as either crew or clockie, but man does Ratvar have that sweet sweet pimpin brass.

what I can say about it is that you run into 4 scenarios and the main difference between them is whether or not Clockies win

  1. clock cult is stealthy as fuck, you don’t know they’re there until Centcom anounces that spacetime is going all ratvar fucky-wucky and then you realize why armory is gone and you have nothing worth while to assault with.
  2. clock cult is as obvious as a chiming clock tower, but their base is BASED and basically inpenetrable because robust players + good traps.
  3. aformentioned stealthy as fuck, but also their base and robustness is lacking compared to crew.
  4. Ratvar’s servants aren’t even right twice a day, no stealth, no base, no chance.

This was never really my perception of it, it always seemed like it could go either way at the final battle unless the crew really didn’t prepare at all. A single gygax could turn the tide if used correctly in my experience. Also, the fact that the clockies could teleport themselves around to a safe base for most of the round meant they could hide and recover from big losses, which prevented really early stomps by the crew.

that is what i meant
either the crew completely wipes the clock cult
the clock cult wins without much trouble