Replace Nukie Gamemode with Clockcult Gamemode

Simple as. Nukies aren’t really fun. Clockcult is one of those conversion gamemodes so both sec and non-sec has fun.

I’m writing this from the perspective of a captain main, so if I’m bored as cap during nukierounds, I can only imagine how dumb it must be for assistants

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Nukie round cycle, best case scenario:

  1. spend 20 minutes prepping and doing this very grindy cycle of arming the station and barricading it
  2. hear “NUKIE CARGO”
  3. Walk around or barricade yourself for 10 minutes until you hear faint bomb and gun noises
  4. Get clipped in the shoulder by a stray bullet
  5. Run around for another 3 minutes as your officers engage in the wonderful combat that is “get bulldozed by lead 1 second after seeing a nukie”
  6. Get clipped by a stray bullet, or get chopped up by a nukie with a desword and shield (or nukie borg)

Worst case scenario:

  1. 4/5 Flukies die out 5 seconds after entering the station while the last one aimlessly floats around the station hull and sometimes gets into brief firefights with engineering borgs

Did you ever play clock cult? Because it wasn’t any fun either.


fulp is open source bro you should make a PR


100% this man has never played clock cult (nor does anyone want to maintain another fulp specific antag)

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I played it a bunch on yogs

If it can’t be replaced by clockies, it doesn’t need to be replaced by clockies. I’d rather have greater odds of blood cult/revs/traitors + lings

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We don’t have to ‘replace’ any antagonist, it’s not like we have a cap on antagonists, and even if there were, there’s new slots open now with the removal of monkey/swarmers.

That being said, clock cult wasn’t a very good antagonist, and TG has said they would be willing to re-add it if someone makes it from the ground up, it’s just that no one HAS.
And don’t try to port it from Yog or Bee, because those suffers the same problems as old clockies. Nor should you try to PR it to Fulp, as I doubt it would be able to be made modular in the slightest.