RiceRicebbb Application (Shy)

Byond Account: RiceRicebbb

Character Name(s):
Shy (Human name and Mime)

Discord Name: Unsane#3053
Age: 20
Active hours: usually around 5 PM until 5 AM depending how I feel and my schedule

How long have you played on Fulpstation?Around 500 Hour

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

In my 500 hour I have around 300+ hour as a mime I like to gesture and mimic things while helping people, I’m good at cooking and serving drinks. I can help the sec to fight cultist and deconvert people as chaplain. I know how to clean but haven’t played too much as a janitor
I can do basic botany for kitchen ingredient

I’m mostly a paramedic but I know surgery and how to heal human and beefmen.

I don’t play too much as an engineer but I know how to set up console and machine

I love to play as QM I will prioritize station goal more than anything I know how to make money and managing it I also make sure that my techies are safe and happy. I know how to mine and bring mats to the station.

I’m still learning in this department about setting up nanites and xenobiology. But I know the basic to create a borg

I know Space Law well and know how to process someone for brigging, as a Warden I can take care of brig and make sure armory is safe

I mostly play as sec borg to help the security while following AI Laws

As a HoP I can modify ID and give access to the crew as long the other department head approve as a HoS I can maintains my seccies while looking for baddies
as a captain I know how to maintain the station

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I don’t have much to say myself I love this server because it’s very friendly and welcoming to newcomer


+1 Very nice person and great at RP


+1. Very active in the community and a good player as far as I have seen.

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big +1 from me you’ve grown alot as a player and part of the community in a relatively short period of time youre in game behavior is always super helpful and passive you never start issues and when yore on the discord your calm fun to talk to and are able to laugh off the people being shitters and never get heated back


You’re very calm and reasonable in ahelps (even has a good note about it from me) and don’t mind being corrected. I haven’t seen you go off the deep end when getting feedback, which is very important for pseudo-staff (and mods) imo. You also seem to have a strong understanding of the rules, and you’re pretty good at alerting us (calmly) when someone is breaking them. You get griefed pretty often as a mime and still manage to not lose your shit and have never taken it out on staff when a round doesn’t go your way (as far as I’ve seen, at least). I think you’ve matured a lot in the time you’ve been here, and I’d be happy to have you as a mentor (and possibly a mod if things continue to go well). +1

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+1 Definitely deserve the spot.

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tbh I don’t think Shy deserves to be a mentor at all due to some issues but I can’t really tell if they changed for better or for worse since I haven’t been on fulp for so long

This isn’t really anything that helps us make a decision, and frankly, just comes off as mean-spirited, though I doubt that was your intention. If it’s something you feel the staff need to know and you’re not comfortable sharing here, please let an admin (either Slig, Helian, Guil, or me) know via DMs.

+1 can’t remember any negative interactions I’ve had personally, seems active in the community.

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+1 I don’t think there is anything to say, that hasn’t been said already.

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Very active player, however i noticed the “What departments are you able to be a mentor for?” is lacking on info - not a bad thing, we all have to learn some time and for ss13 its the funner part of the game… Id love to see shy on the staff team +1

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Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!