Rich's mod application

Byond username: Drackzo (Bigwangang69 formerly)
Discord name: rich#5265
Join date: 1/4/2020 (4th of Jan)
Hours you’ve been on the server: 1000+
When are you online or available to get on: I tend to go on during the day, GMT. So very early morning for y’all Americans. I’m sometimes on in the evening but try to avoid going on past midnight since I have daytime commitments.
Role that you are on discord. (mentor, or contrib): Mentor, been one for a fair few months though had a month long break at some point.
Do you have prior experience being a moderator: Yes, I was a moderator for a forum mafia game for 6 ish months overall. I had to deal with a lot of similar problems that you guys have; griefing, metacomming and slurs for example.
What is something you feel you do well: I have a fairly good grasp of moderator tools on BYOND since I’ve tested a lot of stuff out on a private server. I’ve been reading the ban logs section so I have a good grasp of what does and does not fly. Also I understand the rules very well but am open to correction if I get anything wrong. Most importantly, I work well in a team and enjoy communicating with the staff members.
What is something you wish to change: If possible I’d like to raise a discussion about problems the server faces with the increasing number of players. I prefer to play at the times that I do because pop isn’t high enough to cause serious problems then. High pop is unbearable to play sometimes and I’d like to open a dialogue about solutions.

Note: If I’m accepted, I would like to switch my main BYOND account to Drackzo since the other one would be inappropriate to mod on.



Can’t hide pyx


GMT gang

I created an account just to veto for this section alone.


Byond username: Drackzo (Bigwangang69 formerly)
laughed very hard top kek

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Drack for mod :smile:
Really happy you submitted this

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Accepted welcome to mod squad!