Roboticist makes another AI this round, has a history of making ai's and not doing his job

Byond Account:mibmob
Character Name(s):Broken Fibula
Discord Name:mt1041
Round ID:28827 + 28828
Griefer IC name: Data Lazinyo, C-3PO
Griefer Byond account (if known):DataL (possible)

What happened: Data Lazinyo made another AI this round without clear permission from any heads of staff or knowledge beforehand, he’s had a history of doing this multiple times and/or not doing his job as a roboticist and the AI that was created claimed he also had “clearance to nuke the station” and etc. None of this was permitted as far as I know, and it’s annoying when he frequents doing this across various rounds. He researched artificial intelligence earlier which I called him out on, but no one really caught on - I did nothing except bash the other ai core that round as a reaction.

Edit: Data made 2 more AI’s this shift. (28828)

I confirm this. However, I just want to create better cyborgs. In other words, I declare that I am doing my job. Furthermore, I had no intention of any malicious intent or attempting sabotage while doing this.

I’m using the 3-law set. I want cyborgs to be more free

You are a Nanotrasen employee.
If possible, help good people.
If possible, don’t be a jerk.

If he/she said something about nuclear codes, he/She’s either joking or breaking Law 1. If a Nanotrasen crew member had done what he/she said, they would be banned.

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This has been handled. Thanks for the report!

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