Robust chemistry recipes

So I’ve never been a chemist antagonist, or a murderboning shitter, so I’ve never actually made any explosives or complex poisons. I’ve had a few rounds where our CMO gave us the greenlight for making weapons because of nukies/blob/xenos etc and I’m unable to contribute because of inexperience.

Give me some good robust chemistry tips pretty please and thank you!

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my death syringe mix is 5u leroxin, 5u phlogistion, and 5u mute toxin, Sliences and kills a person,

Also get corn oil, get nitroglycerin and clf3 pills and put it in your teeth as explosive pills and take people down with you


Tide into botany to steal a hydrponics tray and a pack of corn seeds, they dont give them out to chemists because it makes explosives, so you should consider killing one for their ID

Or do xenobio for oil slimes corn oil

If your a revolutionary, make an explosive spear with a meth explosion grenade and suicide bomb a head of staff, My life for the revolution, just be sure to not catch your comrades in the blast!


There’s a post around with some mixes people shared. I’ll leave it here:

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stabilize phlogiston and use it with like 30u foam. slips and kills people in hardsuits en masse.
also if you get the grenade launcher from sec (no one uses it, if we have nukies theyll probably give it to you if you ask) you can use sticky tape and make risk free sticky bombs.
do NOT use potassium water grenades. all they do is space things. go with RDX or gunpowder or unmixed meth
sorium is fun, don’t bother with liquid dark matter its boring
if you feel like using the syringe Rifles, 15u of teslium is fun and lethal
for blobs and xenos you’re better off focusing on healing people than making war chems tho

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