Roscoe Sulyard's Mentor Application

Byond Account: stygoo
Character Name(s): Roscoe Sulyard
Discord Name:stygo#7454
Active hours:1pm-3am
Are you interested in becoming a mod?:no

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
Started in June and have since gathered 1,297h

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those
I can comfortably mentor for security, service, medbay, supply, engineering and somewhat to science.
Know basics to every job.

Security: Love and hate security. Makes me lose my mind sometimes. Played a lot of security officer, and understand how other security jobs work such as warden, detective and HoS. Know how to counter most antagonists, know space law and procedures by memory.

Medical: One of my most played departments; I know most surgeries like the back of my hand, reviving people is easy whetever they are plasmaman/human/ethereal/etc. Understand how plumbing works, my setups will look stupid and messy but they will work. Have a good understanding about chemicals. Know basic virology to make a healing virus.

Engineering: Love engineering, can probably build most station objectives, know how to fix breaches, rebuild departments, computers and machines, work on projects, fix atmos. Barely understand SM.

Science: Know basic xenobiology, genetics, how to upgrade machine parts, nanites to some extent. my most proficient science job being robotics; know how to build/fix/sync/subvert cyborgs, make mechs.

Supply: Know how to make money easily. As a miner I can get the station ores, can beat hiero, ash drake and BDM, but will probably die to other faunas, know what each ruin does on lavaland.

Service: Love to play as a chef and make good food for the crew, as a bartender, get the crew drunk and make some helpful drinks such as screwdriver cocktail for engineering, quadruple sec for sec, doctor’s delight for medbay. Know other service jobs pretty well.

Also know a lot about game mechanics, midround antagonists, and antagonists in general.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
See lots of new players every day, some shitters, some genuinely looking to learn the game and have fun, want to help out people who are looking to learn. thank you for coming to my ted talk


+1 he lit me on fire to burn my wings off

+1 he bashed cultism out of my head once

Killed me with a sharp katana as a deputy +1

Damn youngins’
+1 shot me to death once

+1 Got a knife at cargo to roleplay as a serial killer

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That seems like a good variety of jobs you’ve taken on. Also I’m biased when I see players who have a good chunk of time as sec as we are frequently low on sec. Everything seems good to me - nice ted talk +1 :slight_smile:

He was the one who taught me to never go into perma unprepared when playing sec, by beating my ass and robbing me when i went into perma unprepared. +1

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We haven’t gotten a chance to fully review this, but we’ll be keeping it open and reviewing it later.

Thought you were already a mentor tbh +1

so far he hasnt killed me +1

:heart_eyes: one time john roscoe and I all grouped up as sec and dabbed on a cult

Killed Jack

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Hasn’t killed me yet :sunglasses: +1


Burned down all of atmospherics with me next to it. +1

murdered me with a baseball bat +1

This app has been accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!