Ross (AT) Silicon Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Ross the enjoyer of the French
Character Name(s): HARDERBOT
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Ross (AT) #2700
Round ID of Ban: Unsure

Ban Message: Unavailable, it was a Job ban.
State your appeal:
I would like to start by apologizing for what I actually think I did wrong. It was definitely wrong to use Binary Chat to speak OOCly, and I will stop talking OOCly in IC from here on out whatsoever. In addition, I think my approach to protesting Drone Laws was a bit childish and should have been avoided. That being said, I do not think I broke Rule 2 in my method. No specific infraction was cited in the Ban message, but I presume it meant Grief. I only reminded Command and other staff of my laws when they asked something of or mentioned me, and I do not feel that I spammed. Ordering my Cyborg to take inaction, at least from my point of view, did not constitute Grief as it did not cause any tangible damage, and did not alter the round in any meaningfully negative way, not to mention it being in line with the laws of minimal interaction. Though the intent was to provoke a law change, the actions I took were not in contradiction to either the laws themselves or server rules.

If I got anything wrong here, please do clarify. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused.

You have two other recent notes about playing silicon in bad faith which sounds exactly like what you were doing here. A ban is more than warranted based on your admin remarks. You can put in another appeal once you have 50 non-silicon hours on the server from the time this was placed. This is denied.