Round 12435 Geroge Curious, Jamie Muir

Round 12435
Character Name(s): Slippy Johnstein (only observed this round however)
Discord Name: Protosaurus#6936
Griefer Byond account: unknown
Griefer Byond name: Geroge Curious, Jamie Muir
What happened: I started observing george when i saw an assistant die in holodeck, after this they wondered around maint and later killed a psycologist, later on in the round Jamie the security officer met up with them in maints, they didn’t talk to eachother and jamie started to drag george around maints, neither spoke to eachother the whole time I was observing. They ended up in engi where they went into disposals and ended up in cargo, where there were guns which Jamie took, they then went to the coldroom, where jamie shot(with a bolt action) and killed a cargotech and a cook without saying anything. I Ahelped it but saw no admins online. Between them they killed 4 people. Neither where on the round end report from what I can see. Obvious metacomming and self antag.

taken care of, thank you for the report.