[Round 12572] Space AIDS fun

Byond Account: Arthensis
Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden
Discord Name: Neumann (Katherine Hayden)
Round ID: 12572
Griefer Byond account: n/a 
Griefer Byond name: unknown
What happened: On IAA round, 2 deadly, highly transmissible diseases has been released without any antag having appropriate objectives to warrant that, resulting in deaths of most of  the crew on the station. Additionally, PANDEMIC has been destroyed to prevent medical from producing vaccines.

Additionally, someone uploaded paralysis program to public nanites to top that, at the same time outbreak happened.

This was Jerry Woolery the virologist, based on talking to him and his deadchat he’s a very edgy guy.
Same thing with 2 deadly diseases 2 rounds ago on 12569 but cant confirm if it was the same guy or not.

Round 12572, Jerry dun did it again. There were a lot of virus-related deaths…
Then called me malf for getting beepsky on his ass :(

edit: nvm, this grief patrol is about round 12572

Well, now at least we have his name.

@Katherine You were on that round and will have more context to this than the rest of staff, so I’ll leave this to you. You should be able to investigate this using the virus and the nanite logs from that round. Good luck! Let me know if you need help.

Both issues solved.