[round 13016] Geneticist decides that revolution is stronger than mindshield and rules

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home
Discord Name: Greg2
Round ID: 13016
Griefer Byond account: -
Griefer Byond name: Manus Zahir
What happened: It was a revolution round and I was head of security, usual measure, ms cargo, order more ms, execute head revs with cap approval, etc... I see a scientist with no MS running around so I go in to apprehend with more people and he runs into science where I lose him, I see a geneticist, Manus Zagir, with no MS and since he is in a department with a person who resisted MS I assume he is rev. Stun batton, he uses the mutation that rips him out of reality, me and captain camp him, stun MS, he was a rev and is now converted back to crew, this is important. I go into genetics to MS the other people and when I come out Manus shoves me into a wall, picks up my hos gun,  switches from stun to lethal and calls in a squad of revs as he unloads. He sabotaged the efforts of crew and self antaged as he tried to kill the HoS after being mind shielded and I think he also used meta communication to call in the people as they were nowhere to be seen until that exact moment.

Small note, he was not rev head so me missing the message that he resisted the implant is out of the window

He did also find Cole Walker later and specifically ask to be reconverted to a rev while mindshielded, ran away swearing after Cole told him he couldn’t since he was mindshielded


Thats it dealt with thanks for telling us

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