Round 14498 Likes-To-Chase, Julianna Davies Acolytes of PAI The Red Harvest Murder and loot security in front of local Brig Doctor Josh Swain who proceeds to offer the killers more security equipment

Byond Account:Volren
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein (Security Officer)
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:14498
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Likes-To-Chase, Julianna Davies, Josh Swain.
What happened: I’m assigned to cargo and see a bunch of broken windows/destroyed walls, I follow the path of destruction to find the masked janitor Julianna Davies attempting to hack a cargo door. I question them and when they don’t remove their mask I search them. As I’m removing their cuffs after searching them Likes-to-Chase runs over to me and stun batons me.

You try to remove Julianna Davies’s the handcuffs…
Nush-Kajul hisses, “I dont think ssso”
Julianna Davies says, “I understand”
Nuclear Fist hisses, “Hey”
You put the handcuffs into the survival box.
Nuclear Fist hisses, “Aww”
Likes-To-Chase stuns you with the stun baton!

I managed to get away and call for back up, I’m ordered to deal with them by the HoS and Josh Swain a brig doctor answered my call for backup. After we searched cargo the first time it was empty - We searched the area outside cargo and then cargo a second time, Likes-To-Chase and I exchanged baton hits but since they used pump-up they recovered before me. Josh didn’t follow and he instead waited by the glass typing something while the cargo door that he couldn’t access closed on him.

Likes-To-Chase stuns you with the stun baton!
Slippy Johnstein stuns Likes-To-Chase with the stun baton!
You put the stun baton into the security belt.
Josh Swain starts climbing onto the reinforced table.
Likes-To-Chase puts the stun baton into the leather satchel.
Your muscles seize, making you collapse!
*Josh Swain climbs onto the reinforced table. *
Josh Swain yells, “STOP YOU ALL!!”
[Common] Bob states, “Wait”
You’re too exhausted to keep going…
Likes-To-Chase stuns you with the stun baton!
The Red Harvest states, “Beat them”

Julianna Davies then proceeded to welder me to death in front of Josh, who didn’t call on coms that an officer is being murdered at any point. At this point I Ahelped and after several minutes of letting my body rot on the floor, Josh was let in to cargo by Likes-To-Chase, who put my bodies in disposals and lured the brig doc there, who began dragging my naked body to medbay while having a lengthy conversation with the person he just saw attack/murder his colleague about how I’m “shit sec”. He was even nice enough to offer the murderer and their friends security equipment!

The Red Harvest states, “You may enter”
Josh Swain says, “I won’t do anything sketchy”
Josh Swain asks, “Can i get him to mebay?”
Josh Swain says, “See you fucking idiot you can talk with people instead of stun batoning”
Julianna Davies says, “Rethink this”
Josh Swain says, “Shitsec”
Josh Swain says, “This officer is a shitsec”
Josh Swain says, “I am not taking your weapons aaway”

Later in disposals…

CLONG, clong!
Josh Swain says, “Hi officer shit”
Josh Swain asks, “Want the baton?”
Josh Swain throws the stun baton.
(F) [Command] Appleseed flutters, “Cargo is at a standstill, they murdered someone and are planning on gibbing the corpse.”
Josh Swain grabs Unknown passively!
Likes-To-Chase hisses, “I have my own”
Likes-To-Chase hisses, “Thanksss tho”
Josh Swain says, “Epic”
Josh Swain says, “Get it to your friends”

Wow, what a considerate member of security!

I know that both Likes-To-Chase and Josh Swain were cultists this round but unsure about the other two. It could be the case that they were new and didn’t know what to do.

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This has been looked into. Thanks!