Round 25848 Orion self-antag

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:25848
Griefer IC name:Orion
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:Orion had previously trespassed in cargo, they sent the shuttle with the cargo shutters still open after I asked them not to mess with the console. I removed them from cargo after putting them into crit and took them straight to medical - we had no security and they had hulk so I took the initiative. Later on in the round I get into a fight with a pirate, I drag the pirate body to medical while looking to treat the wound they gave me before I bleed out, Orion finds me in crit from the blood loss and steals my crusher, I get up in medbay and they start gloating about how I “shouldn’t have critted them” and they tell me they don’t know where my crusher is even if I saw them steal it. At this point I have sent a Ahelp ticket but could see nobody online, so I started another fight with Orion in hopes that I could persuade them to tell me where it is, they come out on top this time since I fell and broke a table, they killed me and left me in medical - I wasn’t revived before shuttle came, medics opted to work on anyone else but me. Very irritating and toxic self antag. Probably shouldn’t have escalated after they stole from me but they where following me around constantly. Thank you for reading. Unrelated, Kw Miller looted my ash drake armor from medical afterwards.

handled thanks for the report

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