Round 9223 grief patrol

  • Byond Account: Arthensis
  • Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden
  • Discord Name: Neumann(Katherine Hayden)
  • Round ID: 9223
  • Griefer Byond account: no idea
  • Griefer Byond name: multiple characters
  • What happened: I am unable to tell exact names, but we had 2 bombings in medbay early in the shift, I ahelped one, but got no response (IAA round, so bombings are not acceptable).

Also during power outage in CMO’s office (I tried to get anyone to reboot my APC several times), someones stole head’s pet (runtime), leaving a note to pay ransom or Runtime is getting deep fried. I tried to handle this IC to my best extent, but I was unable to get other departments to cooperate. My prime suspect is Kallinsky, who was not antag. It was also IAA round, so noone had an objective to steal Runtime.

Taken care of.