Round 9305 - Spencer Bratton

Byond Account: Arthensis

Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden

Discord Name: Neumann (Katherine Hayden)

Round ID: 9305

Griefer Byond account: n/a

Griefer Byond name: Spencer Bratton

What happened: Spencer Bratton was a psychologist in medical. He was running around with a bat and monkey activator, then monkey mutator, so I guess that he intended to monkify others - can’t emphasize on that.
What I can say is that he had stolen chaplains ID, had clothes from other jobs (sec bag, virologist clothes), so it is most likely that he has been looting people.
Also he took from me revivable patient to put him in morgue, trying to tell me that ‘he isn’t revivable’ (IC name Oak) - the player was all the time in the round…

What I can emphasize on is that I killed Spencer Bratton in self defense when I checked maints later in the round because of the sounds of fight - I wanted to report that to sec. He attacked me with a cleaver after I saw him murdering chaplain, so I shot him back with a potassium water syringe gun I have got from disarming cargo tech exploding our pharmacy (yeah…). He revived by himself (he was augmented), so I dragged him in crit to brig, he was regenerating on the way from the chems, so I kept him in crit by attacking him on the way. In the brig, he died, so I went for defib, but when I got back - he went soulless. - also this paragraph is the exact ahelp I sent in game. What I can add is that he was not on the list of antags in the end of round report, so he was most-likely self-antagging (especially given his suspicious behaviour from the round start).

EDIT: To clarify, my initial ahelp was to report my behaviour (killing someone and making him go soulless in the result of whole affair), that’s why I am writing this again, this time in grief patrol.

This was taken care of during the round by Goldenalpharex.

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