Round ID: 10442 - Stinky Tiding Golems

Byond Account: Arthensis

Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden

Discord Name: Neumann(Katherine Hayden)

Round ID: 10442

Griefer Byond account: n/a

Griefer Byond name: n/a - multiple, cardboard golems

What happened: Near the end of the round cardboard golems tided into xenobiology and started attacking me due to our refusal to hand out adamantine cores. After that, I went lethal on golems in self-defense and as means to protect the storage, yet due to being outnumbered, I got downed into crit. Despite being critted, golems kept punching me with the intent to kill me.
Their creator was not an antag and according to what their said, they simply had to get adamantine, so…:

I am making grief patrol of this because I was the victim and I want to avoid being biased.

One golem seemed to apology tough. As one said to other to stop killing Katherine otherwise it will make their master (the RD) sad.

Still, I asked what were the orders of the golems and the answer from the first one was “to create brothers”. I already felt it would become a tide in the end and the group would make an agressive behaviour.
We still asked them to get out, but I was already fed up so I was already a bit nervous dealing with requests.

Well, your issue has been handled, thank you for the report, Arty ;)