Round ID: 20264 Chaplain hears maint door being hacked and believes this is grounds for murder, uses OOC knowledge of traitor gear to incriminate them

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein
Discord Name: Protosaurus
Round ID: 20264
Griefer IC name: Kawa something, I lost the logs for the round since I had to restart my game for the next round

Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Had a kill objective on this guy, I hack into the back of chapel to get into maints hoping to lure him away from the other chaplain, as soon as I get through the first door he’s in maints with his claymore out attacking me. I didn’t attack him back and backed up into to dorms, he threw hatchets he had prepared before hand in his bag at me so I didn’t get away. At that point I took out a sleepy pen since I knew I wasn’t getting away, the chaplain instantly knows what it is(the pen) and after killing me drags me to sec and says THIS IS A SLEEPY PEN which is knowledge he shouldn’t have IC.

I ahelped after this happened, I was asked a single follow up question and then the ticket was closed without any follow up which is why I’m posting this now. I didn’t note down names because I assumed I would be told if it’s been handled before the round ended since there where 3 moderators online.

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This was in fact, not looked into, so thanks for the patrol. Has been dealt with; however, not for the sleepy pen as, despite being a stealth item, it was used pretty overtly.

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