Round ID: 21872 Vinny Woodworth becomes a terrorist as a non-antagonist because "it's funny", permenently blows his own ears out, bombs brig, main hall and kills an assistant with plasma from an orange extract

Byond Account:Volren
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein
Discord Name:
Round ID: 21872
Griefer IC name:Vinny Woodworth
Griefer Byond account (if known):don’t know

What happened: Plasmaflooded above cargo, killing the person I had in custody, I chased them to brig where they threw a oil extract at brig, chased them further back to the main hall and they threw one at me and another officer. Turned himself in and was arrested to be taken to the shuttle - he wasn’t on the round end report. He did more damage to the station than any actual antagonist that round.

this has been handled. thanks for the report!