Round ID: 23258 Hos arrests me (the warden) for doing my job & escorting a perma to evac, tells me to leave them for dead

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Slippy Johnstein
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:23258
Griefer IC name:David Blark(Security officer) Travis Schimt(HOS)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Mime was put in perma by an officer that didn’t even question about the charges brought against the mime when two wardens and the hos are present, mime spends all of 4 minutes in perma because the shuttle is on the way, I cuff them and take them through brig ready to be evacuated, Hos tells security officers to arrest me and leave the mime to die, security officer dragged me to evac cuffed when the station was spaced without turning my internals on, so I choked to death on the shuttle. Ahelped but ticket was left open by the end of the round - unclear if this was handled. Hos didn’t even know how a bodycam worked, and seemed to have a similar understanding of how you should play security.

David Blark says, “HoS orders, you’re under arrest warden.”

Slippy Johnstein stammers, “Os-s”

David Blark grabs you passively!

Travis Schimt says, “Send him back to perma”

Slippy Johnstein stammers, “H-h-h-hos-s”

David Blark says, “We gotta evac now”

David Blark says, “3 minutes”

Slippy Johnstein stammers, “W-w-w-we’r-re l-leav-v-vin-n-ng-g soon-n”

David Blark says, “Just leave him to die”

David Blark says, “We gotta get outta here”

i spoke with the hos in that round and im sorry i never got back to you as the round ended shortly after. the other officer has been taken care of. thank you for the report!

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