RR without objective

Byond Account: B0rk386
Character Name(s): Giacomo Affinito
Discord Name: Aquarius/Weegee
Round ID: 32163
Date: 5/13/2024
Griefer IC name: Glx70
Griefer Byond account (if known): Charles Xenon

What happened:
Charles Xenon, a traitor, murdered me and left me in engineering tech storage, which would have been fine except for one problem: he stripped me of my jumpsuit. Because of this, nobody could find my body and I was left to rot for such an excessive amount of time that I was never properly revived that round after I died. Removing someone’s jumpsuit denies any ability to track them, which counts as a form of round removal if left in a non-public area

This has been handled. Thanks for the report!