Rule fix suggestion

In my opinion the ruling on Listening to superiors and “accepting demotions gracefully” is in bad taste.

The rule says:
“Crew members are expected to listen to their department head when given reasonable orders. While it’s okay to question your department head, ignoring their requests or insulting them may result in a demotion at the department head’s discretion. Crew members should accept demotions gracefully and are not allowed to forcefully resist a demotion.”

Now the problem with this is I have seen people get demoted and even arrested just because they question their superiors who are doing bad shit. People should be able to resist a demotion if their demotion is unjust.

For example: The HOS decides to execute someone with out the captains permission and a security officer tries to stop the HOS. The HOS then gets pissed and arrests the officer and demotes him/her. At that point I see it perfectly fit for the security officers to beat the living shit out the HOS.

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Also in real life, some people who get fired or demoted will fucking go crazy and wreck shit. Now im not saying you should murder your superior if you get demoted, but minor vandalism should be acceptable.


Self-antag based on a demotion isn’t okay, but you can always try and get the captain involved over it. If you think you’ve been unjustly demoted, talk to a lawyer or the captain and you might get the demotion reversed /that head demoted or start a trial based around it. The rules only specify that because people go unga when they get demoted and try to kill the head immediately.

If it’s a case where the HoS is doing unauthorized executions, then that’s something to ahelp, not self-antag to fix IC.

I agree I think we should allow murder (i like to kill people)

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i think QFmysteryman should be unbanned

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I will maxcap science because the research director demoted me. (((minor vandalism)))

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