Safest place on station?

Usually depends on what map it is BUT, what spots do you think are relatively safe (on average I suppose, as any part of the station is prone to exploding) ?

Despite popular belief, i find that SCI is relatively safe on most rounds. Specifically SCI front desk. It is my safe space. Plus it is fun to interact with assistants asking for questionable protolathe items. Anyway i digress. Mech tide, golem tide, while made in SCI, usually go out and never come back. Toxins kinda explode 20% of the time, but if you’re entering toxins you know the risks. I would argue xenobio is more dangerous than toxins, as usually it is placed on the map such that it is directly bordering space - and quite a long border. that makes it prone to meteors/carps and shit

As long as you’re not being an idiot you will likely survive the round in SCI regardless of the antags. Unless the RD/Cap insists that we should hatch the xeno egg. Hatching the xeno egg seems to result in a xeno outbreak and shuttle call pretty much >90% of the time.

Xenobio, esp. on maps where it’s very separated from the rest of the station.

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This is a really interesting question, because in general the answers I’m coming up with are all places that are super safe, and also (some of) the most likely targets of experienced antag players. Xeno, Viro, hidden maint areas and so on are all very safe until someone (evil) knows what they’re doing and heads there. Generally I think hiding in a locker in maints (probably red, since there are so many and there is rarely need to go to maints to loot one) is one of the easiest ways to avoid detection, the more out of the way the better. Of course, spacefaring generally means you aren’t going to be meeting any other players, unless you happen to bump into a traitor ship awkwardly

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probably construction eva, there’s like nobody ever there and you could reinforce it well enough to defend yourself from the vampire menace


some would think psych office, but it gets caught in medbay bombs, so i would have to say probably the broken down maints office by arrivals on most maps

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Arrivals Security Checkpoint. Most antags who don’t want to get bwoinked avoid screwing with arrivals and generally it’s a low traffic area. Additionally the requirement for sec access to enter deters flyby trouble goers.

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Idk if this counts, but gulag. Literally no one ever touches it.

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Idk, I see that used as a heretic place fairly often

Public mining.

I used that area as a cult hideout once

I would say it depends on what you want from the “safest place on the station”
Safest from random events? Likely something deep in the station so you don’t die to random meteors or carps and such.
Safest from your average antagonist? Hidden rooms in maints, Psychology Office, Lawyer Office, any location on the station that’s normally abandoned by most players is likely never gonna be checked by same players.
Safest from experienced antagonists? Anything that isn’t an obviously good on paper hiding spot, so not Xenobiology, not Virology and likely not the obviously abandoned spots on the station like Psychology Office and Lawyer’s Office. Best bet would likely be some extremely obscure location in maints, a place out in public with a lot of people surrounding you, or away from the station’s z-level entirely.

In that case, a bluespace shelter in space with GPS turned off.