Saing Ban Appeal Sponge Bob

Byond Account: saing
Character Name(s): Actually don't remember, probably John Kotlend or Buck Cherry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): saing111#9330
Round ID of Ban: 27034

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:

Since the administrator did not give me any information about the reason for the refusal, but only screenshots, I will work with the piece of information that I have.

I was banned on the TG for communicating “in another language”, it was one of those dialogues with the admin when you prove him wrong, and he says “ok, you’re right, then you will appeal the ban on the forum”.
After this incident, I don’t have a strong desire to play on TG.

Yog banned me because I decided to blow up flies that seemed to me magicians, there is no complicated reason here.

As I said, I am open to consensus and waiting for communication.

Since posting your ban history across 3 servers wasn’t enough for you to understand why it was denied, Il be clearer. You managed to get banned from 2 other servers for breaking various rules after you were banned here, so it’s pretty clear you have no intention to follow the rules on any server. The other 2 bans were too recent for me to think you are now suddenly willing to read and comply with the rules, so this is denied. If your other bans are for violations that were as minor as you say, get them appealed and I will be willing to re-reiew this.