Saing Ban Appeal Squarepants

Byond Account: saing
Character Name(s): Actually don't remember, probably John Kotlend or Buck Cherry
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): saing111#9330
Round ID of Ban: 27034

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:


Buddy, your judgments defy logic, they operate on probabilities. First you told me about two bans, and then you abruptly go into the path of their freshness, after that, you’re saying that I won’t read and follow the rules on any server.
A few hours ago, when I was writing the first post, I read the rules and all these glossaries

It costs you nothing to unban me, but you start talking hyperbolically, convincing yourself of my incorrigibility.

As I said earlier, I play on the White Dream, and I have been doing this almost from the very beginning of the account registration, during this time I had quite a few bans, but in the end I appealed most of them. So I can follow the rules.
This is useless demagogy whether I can follow the rules or not, you can make sure that I can by corny unbanning me and putting me in a risk zone, and believe me, I can.

man making 3 appeals in less than 24 hours is exactly how you get your ban to never be lifted lmao


It’s not my fault that topics are closed without letting me speak.

Maybe you should have taken that as a sign that you should stop talking.