Sakura discord ban appeal

Byond Account: LittleSakura
Character Name(s): Sakura Oran
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): sakura#1111
Round ID of Ban: N/A

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Discord ban
State your appeal: So i got banned way back when, and then appealed, and got denied, but got convinced to do another one, and this time there is additional information that I think will help.
First, as i said in my last appeal, im not willing to change my profile picture from what it is now, because its not something that is bad. I wish to elaborate on this, im not willing to change my PROFILE avatar, not a server one, should i be allowed on the discord. im more than fine with that, and even suggested it the first time i was banned, but was specifically told this was not good enough. but if this is wanted i am more than willing to do that. I have been a regular for quite some time, and other than a few notes that are unrelated to the reason i was banned, and i think that shows that the original “preemptive” ban is not needed

This is acceptable. We’ll give it a shot. Please do be especially sure to follow our discord rules once you are back on the server.