Salty nerd complaining about a 2003 free game atmospherics simulator

Round ID:11948
BYOND account: Brolimar
Character: Jace Denton
Nerd: Salty

Heeeeello, so I’m here because I was advised by an admin to go there since all that happened is so egregious. I’m not a very very salty nerd that wants to be reimbursed for being bullied on a 2003 free spess atmospherics simulator, I don’t really need a ban lift since the ban is actually very short and inconsequential, but hey, perhaps I can make that place a better one by telling my story, and maybe I’ll prevent a random stranger from being banned unjustly.

So, I was SEC, in a Ling round, after fighting to death 2 Lings in maint, managing to kill one with the help of another SEC officer, a detective yelled for help on the SEC channel, saying he was being assaulted by a mime and dragged to maint, he says he is a changeling. I rush there with other SEC officers, I find the mime fighting two other SEC in maint, I harmbaton him into crit and he is carried out. Pretty much immediately, while I’m writing my report to the SEC channel to say that we caught the changeling and that we don’t need help backup anymore, I get BWOINKED !

The way-too-fast bwoink (I believe the mime was very likely to be the salty moderator that I just critted) is about how I must not harm baton as a SEC. I tell the admin about the situation, give the logs of the detective calling for help and accusing the mime to be a changeling.

The admin tells me, again, that I must never harm baton as I cannot harm people, as he was stunned and cuffed. I tell him that I hardly ever harm baton and that I actually often get robusted because I always try to talk first. Hell, yesterday I even got a detective demoted because he kept harming people.

I tell the admin that the reason for the harmbaton was because this wasn’t a person, this was a changeling, and that the goal wasn’t to “subdue” but to stun and kill. I was literally still covered in changeling blood after a fight to the death with another one.

The admin tells me that it was a person, not a ling.

I tell him that it is unfortunate, but that it is not my fault. I got bad info from the detective who called him a ling as he was being assaulted by him. I post the logs of the detective calling for help and accusing him to be a ling again.

The admin says that I just keep arguing with him and refuse to understand why what I did was bad. He SEC bans me for 3 days.

So, yeah. I get it that he was pretty salty at me for putting him into crit, I understand, really, we get frustrated, angry, and then we make bad decisions. I’m not angry at all and it’s all good.

I just don’t think that this person is moderator material, or at least, not when that person actually participates in the game. So perhaps putting that person into check is in order, because that’s kind of a stupid situation right there.

The ban is a 3 days SEC ban, I’m not going to die from it. But if that is the kind of decision making this person has, really, don’t give him the banhammer please. That’s all, thanks for reading.

Not an admin but follow ban appeal like this:
Byond Account:
Character name:
Discord name:
Round ID of ban:
Ban message:
(what you got to say about it here)
otherwise it will be locked due to a lack of information


Thanks a lot ! I’m adding info immediately, have a good day mate !

Not only was the staff member not the person you killed but calling staff bad mod material because they told you stop rdming makes you truly monkey brained. We have a very clear rule with don’t randomly kill people captain has to authorize executions because brain dead sec officer always beat random people to death without trying to see if theyre a ling at all. Next time maybe you could try arresting them and seeing if they’re actually a ling with ether getting mind reading from genetics or arresting them seeing if they try to escape by turning into a monkey or taking their arm blade out. Appeal is denied and honestly I would have made this a server ban with how you acted during the ticket.

What the admin said

  • ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TTGNASA/(Bill From Accounting)->Brolimar/(Jace Denton): You don't seem to understand what you did wrong. You harm batoned someone who didn't cause any damage to them. The most they did was stun. You had every opportunity to use non-lethal means to subdue the target but you decided not to. And you keep insistenting you did nothing wrong when you clearly have

Then your response to that

  • ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Brolimar/(Jace Denton)->TTGNASA/(Bill From Accounting): You don't seem to understand the situation. I harm batoned not to be a very mean person but to KILL. I didn't know all they did was stun, all I knew was the information I was fed, which was that the guy was a changeling. I had every opportunity to use non-lethal and to kiss and hug him, but I did not take those opportunities, because, again, I harmbatoned TO KILL. Not in the process of a normal arrestation, but in the process of KILLING.

  • [2021-01-05 22:26:17.342] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Brolimar/(Jace Denton)->TTGNASA/(Bill From Accounting): I did nothing wrong, absolutely.

TLDR: Play stupid games win stupid prizes


cheers mate good looking out